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There are No Additional Fees, Commissions, or Commitments required to work with an expert buyer's agent in NYC. Commissions are paid by the seller and split 50/50 with the seller's agent. Working with us, your time is spent seeing properties-not juggling schedules with multiple agents. You'll have unbiased advice when you need it, access to off-market & future listings, and a Better Buying Experience.

Steps To Buying In NYC

1. Create a Wish List

2. Select a Winning Team

3. Consult About Financing 

4. Fully Disclose Your Financials 

5. Plan Your Search 

6. Hit the Ground Running 

7. Make an Offer 

8. Due Diligence 

9. Sign a Contract

10. Apply for a Mortgage 

11. Complete Your Board Package

12. Ace the Board Interview

13. Inspect the Premises

14. Close the Deal

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"You'll know it's your next home when you walk through the door.

Our specialty is helping clients find that home, and then advising them on how to negotiate and close a great deal.

...and we love our job."

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What We Offer

Time Savings/
Access to Off Market

Tell us what you'd like to see and we'll do the rest! We'll be your single point of contact to set up your appointments  PLUS we'll create a search for you in our database for any Off-Market & Future Listings available, giving you options you wouldn't have if searching online alone.  In today's low inventory market- it's important to have a team helping you act quickly and presenting every option available without bias.

Expert Pricing Insight

Most of the publicly available pricing data you see online is based on closed deals that were originally negotiated as much as 4-6 months ago.  As active agents, we know where contracts are being priced now,  and have access to proprietary weekly and monthly reports from BHS that help our clients make better offers during negotiations. 

Co-Op Application Preparation

Nearly 70% of all NYC apartments are in co-ops, and require a board application and approval. Based on our experience, we can help you put together a board application that's tailored to the building, and highlights your best qualities, giving you the best chances of success.

RENI Certified Negotiation Expert

Many people we work with are already strong negotiators in their own fields. We add our combined 30+ years of Real Estate Experience + RENI EXPERT Training*, to help our clients negotiate a better Real Estate Deal that's specifically structured to suit their needs.