What would your property sell for today?

Start with a comparative market analysis

The Steps To Selling

1. Pick your Team

2. Price the Apartment

3. Create Marketing Plan

4. Begin Showings

5. Negotiate Offer

6. Buyer Due Diligence 

7. Contract of Sale

8. Appraisal & Financing

9. Condo/Co-op Approval

10. Schedule Closing

Establishing the unique Value

What did you love about your home when you first purchased it? What would you do if you were staying?

Getting the most from your sale requires finding the buyer that will value your property the most because of what they themselves are looking to create.

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Selling Potential

A large part of what we do is to sell what your property would represent to the buyer. The potential for a lifestyle upgrade, the potential to create value, or the potential to create their perfect home.

Our comprehensive marketing plan built with the award-winning BHS
 marketing team, gives us the tools to reach your best potential buyer.

10 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Sale

  • Declutter

  • Depersonalize

  • Clean

  • Paint

  • ReGrout Tiles

  • Flowers

  • Scented Candles 

  • Repair Water Damage or Stains

  • Replace Old Light Switch/Outlet Covers

  • Remove Furniture

Your Guide to Selling in NYC


  • The Steps to Selling in NYC.

  • Tips for Preparing to Sell 

  • Evaluating your Home

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Closing Costs Estimates

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Seller Closing Costs Condominium New York City (1).png
Seller Closing Costs Co-op New York City (2).png